i  find a solution
add this parameters in the testcase configuration file
      <entry name="environment-context" class="org.apache.cocoon.environment.mock.MockContext"/>
Actually i use the context for the getRealPath method
but in MockContext  , this method return the input path parameter..
there is a addContext method in Excalibur TestCase, but
i don't know how it work (i try to use but no success with this sample
    DefaultContext avalonContext = new DefaultContext();
   avalonContext.put(Constants.CONTEXT_ENVIRONMENT_CONTEXT, new MockContext());
   FileInputStream reader = new FileInputStream("d:\\testcase.xml");
the Ideal  will be to  create a MockContext  Object
set The root path ( no possible in this version )
void setRootPath (String root) {
void getRealPath(String path) {
return root+path;
and  use the addContext method Excalibur TestCase
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Oops. AbstractCompositeTestCase is set up to test generators, transformers and actions.
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Try extending Cocoon's AbstractCompositeTestCase. It sets up mock objects and is set up to test generators, transformers and serializers. You can configure basic components and test them as well.  The only thing I haven't figured out how to test with it is an input module.
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From: Nicolas Maisonneuve [mailto:n.maisonneuve@HotPOP.com]
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Subject: tescase avalon component in cocoon

i would like use the Excalibur Testcase for test my avalon component in cocoon
but i don't know how do ?
i tried  with this code but my component use contextualize method  and
there is a contextException because the context object is not a cocoon context
note : i have not experience in TestCase..
my code :
public class TestIndexComponentImpl extends ExcaliburTestCase {
  public TestIndexComponentImpl(String name) {
  protected void setUp() throws Exception {
    FileInputStream reader=new FileInputStream("d://testcase.xml");
  protected void tearDown() throws Exception {
  public void testAnalyzer() {
    try {
      AnalyzerManager manager = (AnalyzerManager)this.lookup(AnalyzerManager.ROLE);
    catch (ComponentException ex) {