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From Jan Wielgus <>
Subject Re: Re: [newbie] Authentication-context in the auth.-framework
Date Sat, 25 Oct 2003 14:59:19 GMT
Hello again,

now I know what is actually my problem. I tried to use <session:getxml context="authentication"
path="/authentication/ID"/> in an XSP-page. As far as I read in some posts, it is not supported
by XSP :(( So, how can I retrieve information from the session with my XSP-page? Are there
another possibilities?

>Hi Jan,
>If you read the 2.1.2 documentation: at the and of the
>authentication-chapter, there's an excercise...:
>...But the auth-loggedIn action does not give the included pipeline
>access to the authentication context belonging to the handler. If you want
>this, you have to nest the auth-protect action inside!
><map:match pattern"start">
><map:act type="auth-loggedIn">  <!-- check authentication -->
><map:parameter name="handler" value="myhandler"/>
><map:act type="auth-protect">  <!-- give access to the context -->
><map:parameter name="handler" value="myhandler"/>
><map:generate src="getinfofromcontext.xml"/>
><map:transform src="session"/>
><map:transform src="toHTML"/>
>> Von: Jan Wielgus <>
>> Antworten an:
>> Datum: Sat, 25 Oct 2003 16:21:14 +0200 (MET DST)
>> An:
>> Betreff: [newbie] Authentication-context in the auth.-framework
>> Hello,
>> in the authentication framework documentation you can read:
>> "The authentication context is only available to the session transformer if
>> the pipeline, the transformer is running in, is associated to the
>> (authentication) handler. Or putting it in other words: you have to use the
>> auth-project action in that pipeline. Otherwise the authentication context is
>> not available."
>> My question is: where exactly do I have to use the auth-project action how
>> should I write it? Could anyone give a simple excerpt of a sitemap where this
>> action is used? Many thanks in advance.
>> Jan
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