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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: sendmail logicsheet
Date Fri, 24 Oct 2003 22:35:33 GMT
I never used sendmail, neither the logicsheet nor the action, but maybe 
some comments can help. OTOH "doesn't work" does not really help to find 
the reason of the problem.

1. documentation

2. comment

The sendmail logicsheet uses the Java Mail API. XSP gets transformed 
into Java code. So if you know how to do it with Java Mail, you can have 
a look into the generated Java code or the logicsheet, if the correct 
code can/is created.
It's obvious that this is not a task for a normal user, because XSP 
should avoid the user to learn about implementation details, but 
sometimes that's not possible. Or you ask the writer of the logicsheet, 
maybe he can answer your question or implement the missing stuff ...


On 24.10.2003 18:59, Markus Heussen wrote:

> hi all,
> is it possible to send html mails using the xsp logicsheet sendmail.xsl?
> `
> i'm using cocoon 2.1.2. html attachments work fine, but i need to send the
> body with  mime-type text/html. i tried something like
> <sendmail:body mime-type="text/html"><util:get-source
> uri="cocoon:/xhtml"/></sendmail:body>
> but it doesn't work :-(
> thanks for any hint,
> markus

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