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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Proposition for InputModules, based on thread [newbie] Authentication-context in the auth.-framework
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2003 08:55:14 GMT
Mathias Wiegard wrote:
> Hi Antonio,
> Hmm. I don't know if my opinion counts very much

Every opinion counts, and especially those of so called newbies (I hate this 
word), because they don't have this inside view and can tell us more 
objectively what's good, what's bad with Cocoon.

> but it bothers me, that of
> the view of an xsp-programmer the procedures of naming the ns and the tags
> for accessing the session respectively the request are different... :(

In general the Cocoon namespaces are very consistent. If one element belongs 
to another namespace, this normally means that it belongs to another package 
or block.

> By the way: thanks for the wiki-page. I wish there would be more
> documentation for the input modules and contexts (see e.g. my question about
> configuring Modules in the sitemap). Modules are very mighty and for my
> opinion they are helping to better understand the flow of parameters in a
> sitemap...

What about the official Cocoon documentation?

> That's why I'm switching to explicitely make out the parameters for
> components in a pipeline instead of using something like the
> "use-request-parameters" option.

This is positive IMO.

> So (now that I have the chance to chat with
> you ;) ) why is it so complicated to have default values? Wouldn' it be good
> to have an default-Attribut for every Input-Module, like:
> <map:parameter name="message"
> value="{session-context:temporary/data/message}"
> default="{default:loginmessage}"/>
> the value of the default attribute could point to the defaultModule (here
> instantiated as "default") /values/loginmessage that is either a string or a
> xml-structure.
> It would also help to be able to configure these defaultModule values in the
> sitemap in the "<map:component-configuration/>"-section like the global
> variables (And they would overwrite equal values configured in the
> cocoon.xconf or parent sitemaps). For my opinion it would help to improve
> the understanding of a sitemap dramatically.

I can't tell you much on this, so I leave it for other people to answer here.


>>Von: "Antonio Gallardo" <>
>>Mathias Wiegard dijo:
>>>Maybe a stupid question, but why this "-fw"? Will this also be used e.g.
>>>at "<xsp-request-fw"? Why these differences in naming?
>>The name was coined and currently a TM of Vadim Gritsenko. :-D
>>"fw" means framework, because (as Vadim explained), the tag is related to
>>the session-fw not to the environment.session. For more info see the track
>>of the tag here:
>>Best Regards,
>>Antonio Gallardo

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