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From Oleg Dulin <>
Subject Re: JXForms vs. Woody vs. KISS
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2003 17:43:37 GMT
 > I've been using Chiba (and a pre-release version of Chicoon which 
integrates Chiba with Cocoon) quite extensively on a client project, but 
I have not had to write any server-side code yet. Some XSL transforms. 
Some declarative XML files which specify the form definition (using a 
mix of XForms and XHTML)...but no code.

Has Chicoon been updated to work with Cocoon 2.1 ? I noticed the 
released archive is from April, 2003 , older than Cocoon 2.1 .

 > So I'm a bit puzzled as to why you think Chiba XForms needs server 
side code added since this is contrary to my recent experiences.

If the requirement is simply to show a form based on an XML file, let 
the user edit it, validate it, and then save the updates, then this can 
be easier done with a simple pipeline and I see no reason to deal with a 
yet another framework outside of Cocoon.

Here is an example:

- I have an XML document
- I want to prepopulate an HTML form and present it to ther user based 
on the values in document
- The user edits the form and clicks "Save"
- The values are extracted out of POST parameters and saved back to the 
original document.

First two points are trivial, because all one needs to do is transform 
original document into an HTML form.

The remainder is tricky. I accomplished this by setting up an internal 
pipeline that uses RequestGenerator to create an XSL transform called 
"update.xsl" that applies the changes to the original document. To know 
which form values go to which places in the original document I used 
xpaths of the original elements and attributes as names for input 
fields. So, an XSL can be generated that applies the changes to the 
original doc and wraps it in something that SOurceWritingTransformer can 

Is there a Cocoon solution that would let me easily set up a form that 
essentially edit XML w/o all of the aforementioned convoluted XSLTs ? To 
rephrase -- is there a way to map XML document onto an HTML form and 
then apply the changes back to the original document other than what I 
mentioned ?  Would Chicoon or Woody be helpful ?

Kind regards,

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