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From David Geleyn <>
Subject State saving CopletAdapter?
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 21:51:17 GMT
Hi all!

I'm trying to make a web application with the use of
the (new) portal framework. I have some questions
about writing a new CopletAdapter.

I'm trying to write 'state saving' coplets. Imagine
you have two coplets with data and a possibility to
filter this data (with a selection list at the top of
the coplet, for example). After I have filtered the
data in the first coplet, I want this data to be
filtered in the exact same way, when I filter the data
in the second coplet.

I assume that I can use sessions in each separate
coplet, but I also assume that there is a better way
(with a CopletAdapter?).

I tried to retrieve the request parameters when
writing a CopletAdapter, but it didn't find how to do
that. Anybody any clue?

When defining a coplet, I use some request parameters
in the URI. First of all, is this a good practice?

I noticed that I can't override these request
parameters by using request parameters in the URI,
which I type in a browser. Is this normal behaviour?

Has anybody better solutions to write a 'state saving'
coplet adapter?



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