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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: XML-Query language
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 23:44:44 GMT

Scherler, Thorsten wrote:

> Marc Portier wrote:
<snip />

> (or I did something wrong). I came to the conclusion that you can't use 
> dynamic XPath expression.
> Or do you?

no idea, am not an xslt/xpath zealot

>> What sizes are we talking about? For really small sets you might 
>> consider aggregating all into one file and using plain XSLT (probably 
>> a fair amount of xsl:key usage)
> Ok, we talking about log-Files from Mail, FTP, HTTP,... So there will 
> become quite big.

and well-structured? storing them as XML is not really useful, is it?

>> But again, this has the sound of pre-indexing all over it.  Depending 
>> on the variety of queries you need to service you could consider 
>> making these index files yourself or switch to some XMLDatabase. (or 
>> even a bread-and-buther RDBMS)
> But that will make it necessary to know the index (key) to make a query. 
> That is not really user-friendly.

but: creating indexes for everything that is never searched is wasting space

and: running queries for which there are no indexes will be slow

combined with you remark we surely enter the general concept of life in 
general, better known as the rule of constant misery ;-)

>> This would mean that you process the separate XML files when they are 
>> being stored. (e.g. to put parts of the info they hold into the RDBMS)
>> regards,
>> -marc=
> Thanks for your reply Marc, maybe you have some comments ;-)

I'm afraid I'm a bit biased towards not using XML if it isn't 
appopriate, AFAICS now this looks like a strong case against, no?

Marc Portier                  
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