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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: coping with XSLT
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2003 09:39:47 GMT
well xslt is very procedural-alike.. If you've spent too much time on 
object oriented languages then it takes a while to get into this frame 
of mind - this can be a big pain (trust me, been there done that)

i can recommend the oreilly book on xslt, the cookbook is too advanced 
for beginners

Adrian Petru Dimulescu wrote:

> Hello,
> this may not be exactly the best place to talk about general XSLT issues
> but I'll do it anyway, you'll see in a second why.
> I think Cocoon is one of the coolest pieces of software around and I
> would like to use it more; I do see a problem though, which is more
> connected to XSLT than to Cocoon itself.
> How do you make Cocoon largely used say, in a software team, when the
> main transfomation language is XSLT ? That ugly, difficult to write,
> close to impossible to read, XML-based functional language? I honestly
> find myself almost inconsciently trying to avoid XSLT. When I have an
> XSLT task, I find something else to do, it's almost freudian....
> The ability of a technology to become mainstream depends to a large
> extent to its ease of use, perhaps even more than to its sheer power. Is
> there a little secret you have, Cocoon people, when working with XSLT?
> Some IDE, perhaps? I have tried, in order, emacs with slide but Lisp is
> not my thing and having to learn it in order to customize the slightest
> aspect of Emacs is not my idea of productivity; jEdit's  XSLT plugin
> helps a little but not much, it remains just an editor. Xmlspy is better
> but I'm not much of a Windows person; In fact Xmlspy proves to me that
> only having an advanced and expensive IDE is it possible to decently
> program XSLT.
> I found some projects on the net, Cduce and XDuce which are apparently
> based on functional languages (ocaml) and could replace XSLT. Do you
> know of any other alternatives to XSLT which might replace the
> XsltTransformer ?
> Thanks for your opinions,
> Adrian.
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