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From "J.Pietschmann" <>
Subject Re: Sudden difference in interpretation of #160 - bug?
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2004 19:12:32 GMT wrote:
> Ok, what I know so far: I start off with XML without any such &nbsp; codes.
> These are added in the last XSL stylesheet. I've defined my own <!ENTITY
> nbsp "&#160;"> (and raquo and copy as well). When I add a
> SourceWriteTransformation that writes the output of this stylesheet to file
> I notice that for each #160 character the binary code C2 A0 is added.

That's the UTF-8 encoding for the NBSP U+00A0. I don't see any problem

> When I do a "save as" in IE of the page and examine the source code (I
> cannot examine it directly for some reason or other) I notice the added
> metatag encoding iso-8859-1.

That's the problem, or one of the problems (the other is the encoding in the
HTTP headers). All you have to do is to track down where it comes from.

> All these "special" codes (nbsp, raquo, copy)
> are prefixed with the Acirc character (= #194 = xC2).
Also normal for a UTF-8 encoding. Note that characters in the Unicode range
U+0080..U+00FF are encoded as 2 bytes (I think the range is actually larger).


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