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From Stephan Coboos <>
Subject No validation in Cocoon, why?? (Was: How to switch XML validation on?)
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2004 11:46:28 GMT
Markus Vaterlaus wrote:

> Hi all,
> I just ran into the problem of validation this afternoon. I have about 
> 300 XML files within the same directory. every now and then some of 
> the files are edited by hand. However all files should conform to the 
> same schema. Therefore I was thinking about possibilities to 
> automatically validate each file in the directory against a known 
> xml-schema. My idea is something similar to the 
> linkstatus-functionality of cocoon: the validation process is started 
> manually (by clicking a link) and as a result I will get a report 
> stating for each file if it's valid or not. If it is not valid I the 
> violation will be printed out. Performance for this application is not 
> a big issue, because the task will rarely be used and the the server 
> has plenty of CPU-power and RAM. Could your validation be of any help 
> to me?
> --mv
>> I did the validation with a transformer and an action.
>> Let me know which one you want and I'll help you.
>> If I have the time to do it, i'll write an HOW TO on Cocoon Wiki.
>> At 21:06 28/12/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>>> Stephan Coboos wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> how can I switch on the xml validation in cocoon? I want to 
>>>> validate a xml document with a dtd during reading with the generator.
>>> Generally speaking request time validation is not done, as it is bad 
>>> for performance.
>>> However, for the sake of testing and development, XML validation 
>>> could be useful, and has been mentioned a few times. Unfortunately, 
>>> I haven't heard of anyone actually doing it. I think a validation 
>>> transformer would be useful.
>>> Regards, Upayavira
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Ähh? Had I heard right here, that cocoon is not able to validate an xml 
against a dtd? I can remember that in 2.0.x validation like this works 
fine. I'm right? OK, preformance... This is a reason. But should it not 
on the user to switch validation on or not?


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