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From Alan <>
Subject Re: WoodyTemplateTransformer vs. WoodyGenerator
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2004 07:27:39 GMT
* Mark Lundquist <> [2004-02-10 04:22]:

> On Feb 9, 2004, at 6:39 PM, Alan wrote: 

> >     Does the WoodyGenerator go from Woody template to Woody 
> >     interface directly? 

> No, with the WoodyGenerator there is no Woody template. 

Okay, can someone point me to a pipeline or flowscript that invokes
    the WoodyGenerator?

    Google gave me this:

    Is that it?

> > In XSLT it is much easier to transform structure than it is to 
> >     express structure. 

> No it's not easier!  It's all markup!  No difference at all. 

By this I mean that it is simpiler to start with a document that
    expresses the structure and content of the end product. I don't
    like to put verbiage in XSLT, for example. Once could place
    the labels for a form in XSLT, that would be markup, but to my
    mind it would be better placed in an XML file that stores the
    labels as a repository of labels, but still as markup.

> > > Nothing really to be prefered over the other I guess. 

> > Perhaps it is a matter of habit or taste. 

> I think it depends on the application.  If the form constitutes the 
> fundamental "content" of a page (or part of a page, such that it would 
> be natural to bring it in through aggregation),

I can see how a generator would be used in this case.

> But if you had a page with a lot of (static or dynamic) content,
> where it doesn't feel seem like that content is just "styling" for
> the form, then I would say the template approach probably feels
> right.

This is where I'm at. I find myself authoring forms that are in the
    context of their documentation. I'm not building applications
    that have a separate help system, applications where forms exist
    as the main attraction. (Not a preference or practice, just not
    what I'm up to this week.)

> But if all the content  is shared with other pages, then you're
> probably doing all that in an XSLT template anyway.

I just sorta steer clear of putting content in XSLT.

Alan /

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