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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: javax.servlet.http.HttpSession access from XSP?
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 03:34:04 GMT
Joerg Heinicke wrote:
> On 02.02.2004 23:20, Phil Blake wrote:
>>>> How do I access the javax.servlet.http.HttpSession from within XSP?
>>>> I know I have xsp-session but it is a 
>>>> org.apache.cocoon.environment.Session
>>>> And request.getSession() also returns a 
>>>> org.apache.cocoon.environment.Session
>>>> I've seen that the org.apache.cocoon.environment.http.HttpSession is 
>>>> created from the javax.servlet.http.HttpSession but I can't see how 
>>>> to access it from there.
>>> I don't know exactly as I do not have written the code, but I think 
>>> hiding the HttpSession was intended. You only shall access the Cocoon 
>>> specific Session.
>>> What exactly do you want to do?
>> I am using the database framework Cayenne. Like most web based 
>> client/server frameworks, it requires that you pass it an HttpSession 
>> to retrieve a context for that HttpSession.
>> As there is no option here, I must supply the HttpSession, the 
>> question is - does cocoon provide access to it?
>> I guess I could re-create a standard HttpSession from the cocoon 
>> HttpSession, but usually when I'm backed into such an ugly hack, it's 
>> because I haven't found the "proper" way. I'm assuming that cocoon 
>> would not completely obscure the standard HttpSession - even if it's 
>> wrapped it. Does anyone know the real story?
> Cocoon's HttpSession is just a wrapper around standard servlet 
> HttpSession, but does not really give access to it. Have a look into the 
> source code:

> As the wrappedSession field has only default access and the class is 
> even final there remains only the way of adding an additional class in 
> the same package to get the unwrapped HttpSession - that's obviously the 
> "ugly hack".
> I cc Carsten as he wrote the Cocoon HttpSession, maybe he knows of a 
> more standard way to get the unwrapped HttpSession.

By the way, it's important that people know the basic reason Cocoon 
doesn't give you an HTTP session.  Cocoon abstracts the environment so 
that it can be run from many different environments, not just 
http/servlet.  Currently the command line interface is the only other 
implemented environment but even there dependency on servlet jar and 
HttpSession obviously makes no sense.  Examples of other potential 
environments which have been discussed are email (via James) and JMS.

Now, that doesn't mean it should be impossible to get to the HttpSession 
if you are in that environment and that's what we need to see.  I think 
the method which is used in the other environment abstractions (Request 
for example) won't work here, but I don't see a reason cocoon's session 
couldn't implement HttpSession.  Right now, it seems the only methods 
unimplemented from the javax interface are the deprecated methods. 
Another alternative would be to use JDK 1.3 dynamic proxy which may work 
if the code you pass the proxy to doesn't call the deprecated methods (I 
can't remember for sure if this is true).


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