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From Marcin Okraszewski <>
Subject Re: Which XSLT is used for XSP logicsheets???
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 20:25:51 GMT
OK, I tried with dynamically generated XSL logicsheet and it seems that 
it doesn't work as I expect :-( The page is recompiled ONLY if the page 
was changed. I would like to have also the possibility to recompile 
pages, when the XSL is changed at least once per reloading the webapp. 
Reloading of a webapp and even tomcat didn't help!

Marcin Okraszewski

> On 01.02.2004 20:07, Marcin Okraszewski wrote:
>>> But I wonder if you really need DB access from within the stylesheet? 
>>> What's the use case for it? Why don't you access the DB from within 
>>> XSP, e.g. via ESQL?
>> Of course I can move the code from XSP translation to generation page 
>> - in fact this is the current situation.
>> I have a page template system that takes contents from DB. And now, 
>> over it I want to build templates for certain pages - for departments, 
>> users, etc - so that when I change the template all pages are changed 
>> (by XSL logicsheet). But I need ID of content source!! I can obtain it 
>> while generating the page from XSP but in fact I could get it also 
>> while translating XSP page to Java - that would decrease the DB and 
>> server utilization.
>> Probably there is some other way to do it. I don't know - maybe 
>> dynamically created XSL or XSP generated by other XSP - I've never 
>> tied it. How does it works if a XSP page is generated by XSP ???
> Both XSLT and XSP can be generated dynamically:
> <map:transform src="cocoon:/dynamic-xsl"/>
> <map:generate src="cocoon:/dynamic-xsp"/>
> Now you only need additional pipelines:
> <map:match pattern="dynamic-xsl">
>  ...
> </map:match>
> Joerg

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