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From Andrei Lunjov <>
Subject Question: auth-fw, roles, authorisation file format
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 08:48:46 GMT

I tried to find details in docs and samples, but seems I am quite stupid 
:) Possibly I missed something improtant? I am currently developing 
kind of skeleton and guidelines for quite large application to be used 
for long time - so I want to make things as standard as possible.

Questions are about roles and authorisation/access delimeting.
I understood well (ok, I hope :) ) how authentication works. But what is 
  with authorisation?

Suppose I have some number of roles in authentication xml produced by 
authentication resource like described here
Is there any standart mechanism to allow access for particular resources 
/ sitemap parts depending upon roles user has? Something like RoleMatcher?

Another question is about authentication xml format - same doc says 
quite foggy about multiple roles.
would this be correct? :

     <ID>Unique ID of the user in the system</ID>
         Any additional optional information can be supplied here.
         This will be stored in the session for later retrieval

Any info appreciated.

Andrei Lunyov

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