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From Anthony Hervé <>
Subject woody and xsp / esql tags for default values
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 09:17:43 GMT

Please find hereafter a quick description of my environment :

- xReporter v121
- Cocoon v213
- Phoenix v404
- Tomcat v4124
- Java v14 SDK (IBM)
- Postgresql v732

I am using Woody to build forms and I would like to retrieve information 
from my database to populate default field values.
In the documentation, the form_definition file is an xml document 
containing links to other xml files in which simple default values can 
be retrieved. In the example below, the values displayed in the 
selection list are retrieved from the a-choices xml document.

   <wd:field id="fourchars">
      <wd:label>Select something that's 4 characters long:</wd:label>
      <wd:datatype base="string"/>
        <wd:length exact='2*2'/>
      <wd:selection-list src="forms/a-choices.xml"/>

Is it possible to create the form_definition file as a xsp document to 
be able to include in it esql tags ?
Where could I find an example of such a case ?


Best regards. 

Anthony Hervé
Expertise Freelance
Tél 0145225169
Fax 0142940959

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