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From Adrian Petru Dimulescu <>
Subject Re: reusing a result set with esql
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 15:44:43 GMT
 > I would like to reuse a result set in an XSP page when doing an esql
 > query (I want to be able to reiterate throgh the returned  rows). Is
 > there a way to do that ?

Hello again, let me reformulate this question, I guess it's not very 
explicit (hope it's not that plainly stupid):

I have a simple esql sequence in an XSP file:


     <esql:query>SELECT part_id, part_nom FROM partenaire</esql:query>
	... do something

     <esql:no-results><p>Sorry, no results!</p></esql:no-results>
     <esql:error-results>An error occurred</esql:error-results>


I wish I were able, after a first iteration through the result set with 
<esql:results>, to re-iterate the same resultset without having to 
reexecute the query. Is that possible anybody tried it ?

Thanks for your ideas!

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