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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: static web site creation by ant - error
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2004 18:18:11 GMT wrote:

>someone wrote:
>>>>Cocoon 2.1.4
>>>>Trying to create static web pages by ant
>>>>Mounted the /usr/local/spider at the main
>Is there a good FAQ for using Cocoon to generate static websites?
>I am mostly concerned with having browser specific versions which 
>work when the static site is viewed rather than just when the 
>Cocoon site is used.
There isn't a faq that covers that. Although I don't entirely understand 
what you are referring to. If you have browser specific pages, what 
serveer is selecting the correct page if Cocoon isn't, Apache?

I've been thinking/planning to add support for Apache's i18n 
functionality, so that Cocoon can create pages such as index.html.en and, which Apache will serve based upon the user's Locale. 
There is much scope for doing this sort of thing - making the pages that 
Cocoon produces 'Apache friendly', but not mich has been done with it 

What did you have in mind, specifically?


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