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From <>
Subject how to store a xsp generated new xml structure in eXist xmldb
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2004 15:51:28 GMT
Hi,and many thanks for your future help.


Linux (Suse 7.3 distro)
Sun J2sdk 1.4.2
Tomcat 5.0.12
eXist 1.0 - Cocoon 2 (provided with eXist)

I would like to know what should I do to store, a new xml structure produced
by a xsp page from the data collected from a form in eXist as a xml document.

Let's say we have a form that produces two params :

    param1, param2.

A generator uses a xsp page to collect their values and produces a xml
structure like :


The XSP uses a logicsheet that can also produce the relevant fragment of the
path to de xmldb subcollection by using the request data, too. It may be
arranged to produce a more meaningful expression by adding the fix parts of
it. The results as a xml structure would be:


What should be the next step to store the document in the corresponding

I've been trying with the creation of a session context with no possitive
results. I've also tried using xsp and logicsheets to get nothing so far.
The thing is I have the feeling that there should be a much easier way which
I'm not able to understand.

looking fw for your help.


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