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Subject Meaning of Map parameter in resolverURI method (SourceResolver)
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 14:10:23 GMT

In my own Action I have to implement the act method as below
 public Map act(Redirector redirector, SourceResolver resolver,
                 Map objectModel, String source, Parameters parameters) {

On the resolver object that  is passed I can call the method : 

Source resolveURI(String location,  String base, Map parameters)

I pass as a parameter location a cocoon pipeline URI   of the form

<map:match pattern="test">
	<map:generate src="test/dispatch.xsp"
	<map:transform type="xslt" src="disp.xslt">
	<map:serialize type="text"/>

What is the meaning of the Map parameters  in the resolveURI method ?  Can I
use this to pass parameters to my cocoon:/test pipeline ?
The final goal is to give parameters to the disp.xslt stylesheet defined in
the test pipeline...don't know how to do this when using the resolveURI
method inside an action.



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