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From beyaNet Consultancy <>
Subject Accessing Hibernate Class + Session Issues
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 15:14:05 GMT
I have 2 related questions which I would like to throw into the arena 
if I may.

1. I have created a user class in Hibernate which I return into XSP as 
an object like so:

	public Object getUserdetails (int user_id)
		Integer userID = new Integer(user_id);
		Object userDetails;
	    try {
			HibernateUtil Util = new HibernateUtil();
			Session session = Util.currentSession();

			Transaction transaction = session.beginTransaction();
			//Get User details
			User user = (User)session.load(test.User.class, userID);
			//Return user details object
			userDetails = user;
			} catch (HibernateException e) {
		    throw new RuntimeException("Exception in Hibernate:: " + 
e.getMessage(), e);
		return userDetails;

As the User class getters are populated with user information, from 
with in the class I can do user.getFirstName() to retrieve the users 

In my XSP page I read the object in as:

User2  usr2 = new User2();
Object userDetails = usr2.getUserdetails(42);

The problem arises when I try to access the object properties which I 
tried as :

String s = userDetails.getFirstName();

which gives me a language exception error: //start error (lines 
171-171) "The method getFirstName() is undefined for the type Object" 
String s = userDetails.getFirstName(); // end error

How do I access the object to retrieve the user details?

2. Persisting the object in a Session.

Could I use session.setAttribute("userDetails", object)? If so, how 
would I access the object properties in this instance?

many thanks in advance

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