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From 黄 海冬 <>
Subject re:Combining database actions and Woody
Date Mon, 16 Feb 2004 10:27:35 GMT
I thought about other method to save woody data back into database ,like 
ojb ...,but I think using existing action to save xml data is much more 
flexible(don't need write java code every application/table).Woody now is 
not stable and easy to use now,but for long time maintain,I still choose 
Woody.If you unstand what input module is,the code I paste for you is 
almost the whole code then,just try it,it won't spend you more than an 

roy huang
<<------Derek wrote:
Thanks Roy, 
but this is all far too complex for my needs ... 
I will see if there are any other suggestions

(my feeling right now is that Woody seems to 
simplify some things but hugely complicate others:
I might be better off doing things the "old way" - with
actions and simple form validation and not trying to
incorporate flow + Woody + custom java et al....)


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