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From "Morley Howell" <>
Subject Auth fw without HTTP redirect?
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 15:06:25 GMT
Hi all,

I'm using the auth fw and have it working quite well, except for one issue.
My system uses a non-standard client that is not capable of handling HTTP
redirects. So when a protected resource is accessed, I want to return some
XML to the client, without doing an HTTP redirect.

I thought that I could do an 'internal' redirect using the cocoon: protocol
in the redirect-to handler config setting. This still results in an HTTP
redirect. This seems wrong to me - I would have thought that the redirect-to
setting would work in the same way as a map:redirect.

I tried removing the redirect-to setting, thinking that perhaps I could use
the auth-protect action in a more standard way, ie. by putting some entries
in the sitemap after the action that would only get executed if the
auth-protect failed. Again, no dice, since the handler config requires the

Either way, it seems that the auth-protect action is behaving in
non-standard ways. Any ideas how to work around these issues to avoid an
HTTP redirect?



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