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From Christopher Painter-Wakefield <>
Subject Re: ESQL update and select statements in the same map:match problem
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 19:23:06 GMT

I don't know anything about the internal workings of the map:aggregate, but
I would guess it is not waiting for the first part to complete before
opening a connection for the second part.  This would make sense, for
performance reasons, and there is no particular reason for cocoon to expect
the parts to be dependent on each other.  So I don't think it is
necessarily a bug, nor a caching mechanism, just that map:aggregate doesn't
imply sequential processing.

Just curious, should the map:aggregate have an "element" attribute
specifying the root element for the combined output?  Also, what does
"strip-root='yes'" do?  I couldn't find it in the documentation

You could probably make things sequential (and still achieve aggregation)
by using either a cinclude transformer, or even more simply by using an
XSLT transform step with the document() function, e.g.,
<xsl:template match="output-of-update-point">
            <xsl:copy-of select="."/>
            <xsl:copy-of select="document('cocoon:/xml/exec.get_point')"/>

with a sitemap like
<map:generate src="cocoon:/xml/exec.update_point"/>
<map:transform src="aggregate-get-point.xsl"/>

or some such.


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hi people

i have the folow code :

             <map:part src="cocoon:/xml/exec.update_point"
             <map:part src="cocoon:/xml/exec.get_point" strip-root="yes"/>

where i call 2 .xsp

1. update_point.xsp
where i update a record in my database

2. get_point.xsp
where i get the updated record

the problem is that this aggregation update the database record (i have
check the content) but generate output (get_point) with the before update

is this a caching mechanism case, is it possible to bypass this problem or
it's just a bug?


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