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From Thomas Zehetbauer <>
Subject Eventcache - Invalidate from XSP?
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2004 01:23:11 GMT
Is it possible invalidate cache entries from an XSP page?

According to the samples one can either use flowscript (event.js) or the
CacheEventAction to invalidate entries. I would however prefer to raise
the necessary events directly from a XSP page, but while there is an
implicit cocoon object in flowscript that enables one to get access the
event-aware pipeline implementation I could not figure out how to
implement cocoon.getComponent() in XSP.

To make myself more clear, I have a database which is queried from an
XSP with the output being cached in an event-aware pipeline. Another XSP
page modifies this database and wants to expire the affected cache
entries. Is this possible? How?


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