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From Julian <>
Subject (Aggregated) Document Entities Serialize Incorrectly
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2004 21:29:41 GMT

I am using Cocoon 2.1 with j2sdk 1.4.1_02.

When I transform an aggregated document, I am
inserting the " " to separate various strings.  After
transforming the  document, it is serialized as xml. 
Finally, the serialized document has "" instead of a
white space (otherwise known as "").  When I
serialize as html, I get the nbsp entity.  Finally,
when I do not use sitemap aggregation and/or
transformation, the problem persists.  It seems as if
the serializer is not recognizing this entity
correctly!  I am trying to have the document pulled
down as xml and then tranformed to html by the
browser's built in xsl processor.  Any help is greatly


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Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate.
"Entities should not be multiplied unneccesarily"

-William of Occam

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