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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Re: Indexing cocoon for search engines
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2004 08:16:25 GMT
Schultz, Gary - COMM wrote:
> After trying to get this working, I've determined I'm having trouble getting
> cocoon indexed properly outside of the Lucene example. Eventually I need to
> have Cocoon indexed by Google, Inktomi etc. Yesterday someone posted a reply
> showing that something served by Cocoon can be indexed by Google. But how
> does one get this setup? I've looked at the Wiki and other documents without
> success. If I can't get indexing to work, management will force me away from
> Cocoon to a Microsoft ASP based solution, which I would prefer to avoid. Any
> and all assistance is greatly appreciated.

If there is something that prevents your sites to be indexed by Google, 
this is certainly not due to Cocoon. Try the following two searches:


Google will report that it has indexed 331 pages from the first site and 
521 from the second. Both are *entirely* generated by Cocoon: the former 
statically, the latter dynamically.

And if you're asking "how", well, there's no "how". It's just HTML, as 
far as Google is concerned. If you want to be indexed by Google, there's 
only one way to do it: get a link to your site onto one or more pages 
that are already indexed by Google and make sure that the link text is 
relevant. The higher the number of links and the higher the "Page Rank" 
(TM) of the pages they're on, the better.

Can't speak for Inktomi or other SE's, but I bet there's not much 


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