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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Coccon vs. JSP
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2004 13:59:57 GMT

Well, the best way to learn is try something out!
Ok, its quite hard to summarize benefits in a short
space - for a quick summary of XSP vs JSP you 
can look at:

Obviously you do not have to work with XSL - but
not doing so negates the whole point of being to
reuse your "raw XML" source in many formats/
ways (including ones you have not thought of it!)

Looking at some common practices:
might also help get a "feel" for how Cocoon helps...

Finally - the *best* treatment I have seen on this
topic is in one of the first Cooon books 
by Carsten Ziegeler and Matthew Langham - 
Chpt 1 deals with the 'history of internet apps'
and if the advantages of Cocoon are not very
obvious after reading that, then best to stick with
your "simple", but limited, JSP [seriously, not every
one is prepared to put in the work that will reap them
the benefits, but my experience - and I also started
with servlets/JSP - is that it is worth it in the long term]


[Side note: someone needs to draw up an accessible
and attractive 'benefits' page for Cocoon - with some
sections targetted at developers coming from other

PS These are not necessarily helpful, but do convey
some 'good feeling'

>>> 2004/03/12 03:34:19 PM >>>

	I am learning a lot about Cocoon, but I can't see yet the
advantages of
Cocoon versus technologies like JSP. I think that working with XSL is
more difficult than working with JSP, as XSL is limited in
What are the benefits of using Cocoon?	(No doubt that you will change
mind ;).


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