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From "Chumahov Leonid " <>
Subject can I use action in cocoon flowscript ?
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2004 08:31:08 GMT
I tried to use the action in the my application based on flow (Cocoon
2.1.4). I have read mail archive and have found, that it can be made.
However it turns out nothing. 
I tried differently.
cocoon.act("myaction", "", {"p1":"v1", "p2":"v2"});
act("myaction ", "", {"p1":"v1", "p2":"v2"});
cocoon.callAction("myaction ", "", {"p1":"v1", "p2":"v2"});
callAction("myaction ", "", {"p1":"v1", "p2":"v2"});
Always I receive an exception, that function is inaccessible. 
org.apache.avalon.framework.CascadingRuntimeException: callAction is not
a function.
org.apache.avalon.framework.CascadingRuntimeException: "callAction" is
not defined
org.apache.avalon.framework.CascadingRuntimeException: "act" is not
org.apache.avalon.framework.CascadingRuntimeException: act is not a
In examples of a cocoon I also not our use of the given function though
it is declared in the documentation. 
Whether somebody can help me something. 
In case use the action in flow is impossible, whether somebody can
prompt that as better to receive from flow access to files on a "correct
coccon" way. 
In the action I used SourceResolver  for this task. Can I use
SourceResolver in flowscript?
Leonid Chumanov

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