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From "Simon Collins" <>
Subject Cocoon forms - XML binding serialisation loses namespace
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2004 15:34:31 GMT
Hi all,

When using Cocoon forms I've noticed that when writing out the form
contents to an XML file (via the method), the root
namespace declaration does not get written out.

I saw this first in an application I'm writing but then verified that it
also occurs in the Forms GUI sample. For example this is a snippet of the
output from that sample (form_model_gui_data-result.xml):

<!-- license etc removed before here -->
    <fd:action id="samp-action"><fd:label>Sample
       <fd:aggregatefield id="samp-aggregatefield"><fd:label>Sample
       <fd:field id="samp-aggregate-field-1"
       required="true"><fd:label>Sample Aggregate Field
       <fd:field id="samp-aggregate-field-2"
       required="true"><fd:label>Sample Aggregate Field

<!-- stuff in between deleted -->

The namespace definition for prefix "fd" is not written out. I suspect
that this omission occurs when saving the form model to the DOM doc
rather than when serialising the DOM doc to file but I could be wrong.

Has anyone else had this problem? I'm running the nightly build of 2.1
from 6/4/04 on JDK1.4.2_04b05 under Tomcat 4.1.27

Apart from this minor issue the form stuff is excellent - saving me a lot
of time and effort so congratulations to all involved in it.



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