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From Julian <>
Subject Re: [OT] Distributed Cocoon Collab Environment
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2004 19:12:40 GMT
great! i agree.  I think the easiest thing is to setup multiple cocoon instances so developers
can reset the ServletContext so the ClassLoader reloads.
- webapps
- - cocoon-julian
- - - WEB-INF
- - - - cocoon.xconf
- - cocoon-leon
- - - WEB-INF
- - - - cocoon.xconf

As far as the portal is concerned, user preferences for the application are not stored in
the database, so I think what you are saying makes sense. The last problem is the database(s)...
For the developer (in their own environment) and a user (in a production environment) to have
the data they manipulate isolated from each other, I only see one option: Use a unique id
(maybe from an authentication/registry db) in the URL of the datastore to isolate the data.
 This way you would create seperate databases (i.e. jdbc:somedb://someip/uniqueID_1, jdbc:somedb://someip/uniqueID_2,
etc.).  Which Leon seems to agree with, right?  Is this a standard approach?  It seems (as
Leon suggests) that this would be a pain to setup easily in order to access the db(s) via
jndi....looks li.
Kind Regards,

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