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From Christian Mayrhuber <>
Subject Re: How to fix org.apache.cocoon.sitemap.PatternException?
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2004 13:45:05 GMT
>>At http://localhost:8888/samples/blocks/proxy/wsproxy/
>>org.apache.cocoon.sitemap.PatternException: Evaluation error in expression: 
>Can you apply the attached patch, to your Cocoon source, and see if it 
>fixes it. Simple, but should work.

>My Cocoon setup is broken a present as I'm working on something else.
>Let me know. If it works, I'll commit it.
Sorry, it is only a partial fix to for the PatternException.

I've the same problem when accessing global
variable definitions like

           | Define global parameters here:
           | You can access them by {global:*name*}, e.g. {global:skin}.
           | These values are inherited into sub-sitemaps and can
           | be extended there.



and accessing them with

I've done a little debugging in PreparedVariableResolver.resolve():

After parsing this src line stack.size == 3


Token 0: type=EXPR, value=hyperwave://test
Token 1: type=COLON, value=null
Token 2: type=EXPR, value=418

The bug is in the that colons only appear between
{input_module:value} and not outside of it.
The fix is to create tokens of type TEXT with value ":" for colons
outside an module reference.

The attached patch works for me with my sitemap and seems to work
for the proxy block, too.

lg, Chris

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