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From "Steve Schwarz" <>
Subject Re: (Easy) Passing a Variable From Sitemap to StyleSheet?
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2004 03:36:44 GMT
You can't do it directly within the document. But maybe you just need to 
think about the problem a little differently. Remember you don't need this 
aggregate document to "physically" exist. It just needs to be assembled at 
some point in your pipeline.

So I'd use a stylesheet to get what you. Often you can structure your 
stylesheet(s) as a general template into which you pass params to configure 
the included subelements. So you might have a simple document (say a table 
layout template for your page) and use the pipeline to pass the 
configuration information to the stylesheet that modifies your basic 
document. I do this with a single style sheet into which I pass params to 
cinclude the various fixed and variable content of each page's layout.


>Ok, I see the source of the problem now.  I am trying to resolve the
>value of a variable from within an xml document, not within the
>stylesheet.  I'm using the xml document to collect a bunch of xml
>documents using cinclude.  That's where I need to have the name of a
>file requested in the uri by the user.  So the question becomes how to
>pass the name of a file to a cinclude:include directive inside an xml
>document, if that makes sense.

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