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From "birdy" <>
Subject Re: Best of both worlds Cocoon & JSF.
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2004 18:52:44 GMT
Thanks for the post Derek,

Also thank you for taking the time to point to my wee-site! I will add
acknowledgement to all who created Cocoon, the architecture is so clean and
truly enables formal separation of concerns for XML enterprise applications.

My little site, is still very much under development, and as mentioned
previously just runs on a little PC in a spare room. As per usual, time is
the killer of creativity and I have not had the time to invest to move the
site forward. It's very much an alpha, if that!! I will within months,
integrate OpenCMS, to enable all articles... stories (most content) to be
managed remotely. I've written my own tiny content manager, but after
looking at OpenCMS it fits the bill for my little site.

Oh yes you are right! I can't spell, and will make the corrections ;)


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From: "Derek Hohls" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 2004 8:10 AM
Subject: Re: Best of both worlds Cocoon & JSF.

> Gareth
> Off topic here.... but, it would be great to see acknowledgement
> of the use of Cocoon somewhere on your site (eg. the 'about'
> page) - or maybe its somewhere obvious that I missed?
> Derek
> PS "Privicy" is spelt "Privacy". ;-)
> PPS The "On-line Management" section under overview still
> has the Latin "fill in" text displayed...
> >>> 2004/08/06 08:22:54 PM >>>
> Hi Chaps and Ladies,
> I have been looking at cocoon now for nearly a year. I have watched
> with excitement as the product has developed and moved forward. One of
> the areas that I have had a need for is forms, Woody is now CForms and
> provides a very usable structure. I have also looked at JSF, and found
> that also be very useful.
> Now I understand the benefits of Cocoon for web applications, and love
> the technology. JSF provides a forms frame work, but it does have the
> advantage now of an IDE (Java Studio Creator). Which allows for rapid
> creation of forms. I think I have concluded that I am interested in the
> best of both worlds.
> I have read
> (spinning code with XSLT and JSF with Cocoon) and think it is an
> excellent method to bring the benefits of two great technologies.
> My question to all, is has any one else done this. If so how? And also
> what pain points did the project encounter. I love CForms, but the IDE
> makes JSF more painless. So I am examining the impact of taking this
> approach.
> Many thanks in advance for any help or guidance.
> Gareth Bird.
> (I'll the question, about integrating XMLBeans, and OpenCMS integration
> for another day!!!)
> is my attempt at my first cocoon app using
> Cocoon, JBoss (J2EE), MySql it's not complete, and runs off a spare PC
> at home.  But I believe in Cocoon/XSL/JBOSS as an architecure.
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