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From Adriano Smith <>
Subject Re: xsp call url
Date Thu, 26 Aug 2004 05:46:58 GMT
In this case i cannot change the input.

ie the parameters are passed from the url and it contains the keyword along with 2 other parameters.

The keyword can be login,read,reply,send etc...

Therefore the only access i have to the keyword is through the url. So i do something like

<map:match pattern=\"xx/mail/login\">
  <map:generate src=\"login.xsp\" type=\"generator\"/>


<map:match pattern=\"xx/mail/read\">
  <map:generate src=\"read.xsp\" type=\"generator\"/>

The generated xsp\'s are different for each keyword and the other parameters are also different.

how can this branching to different uri\'s based on the keyword be done. Can i use flowscript
to do this? 

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