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From Joose Vettenranta <>
Subject Re: Please tell the solution
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2004 12:57:46 GMT

check that forms javascripts are included. And check that  you have 
included everything from sample-file. Do you have sitemap corresponding 
to the urls in pictures and are they really correct (like not 
"images/foo.jpg" but "/images/foo.jpg").

- Joose

6.8.2004 kello 07:59, Soujanya_Gottumukkala kirjoitti:

  Dear all,
>> I am developing my application using Cocoon framework following the 
>> sample
>> D:\cocoon-2.1.5\build\webapp\samples\blocks\forms\form1.This sample is
>> using CForm for the view purpose. I wrote my Form Definition and Form
>> Template in XML using CForm. I modified the forms-samples-styling.xsl 
>> file
>> for formatting and also to include the images and static documents of 
>> the
>> page. So forms-samples-styling.xsl will change for each page.
>> We have our own libraries (Javascript and CSS files) to use for 
>> styling.
>> We are facing the following problems.
>> 	1. We want to divide the whole page into 3 areas - header, main
>> content area and footer. Header and footer will be constant for all 
>> the
>> pages. So we decided to keep the code for header and footer in a 
>> seperate
>> xsl and to include that xsl in forms-samples-styling.xsl for each 
>> page.
>> This header and footer is writen using JavaScript.
>> 	2. The effect of the css and js files are not coming in the page.
>> Getting JavaScript error ("_page undefined", where _page is a 
>> javascript
>> object which is used to display header and footer).
>> 	3. Images are not displayed (Though path of the image in the browser
>> properties is correct).
>> I am giving the directory structure in Cocoon installation under this 
>> path
>> - cocoon-2.1.5\build\webapp\samples\blocks\forms
>> 				 <<...OLE_Obj...>>
>> where CForm Definition and Template files are kept under Login 
>> folder, css
>> file is kept under css folder, JavaScript file is kept under js 
>> folder,
>> all images are kept under img folder, xsl files are kept under 
>> resources
>> folder.
>> *	I saved the html source from the browser after running the page from
>> Cocoon. On running that html source I am getting the output with 
>> correct
>> images and formatting.
>> *	Even if I include all codes for header, content area and footer in
>> forms-samples-styling.xsl file, I am facing the same problem, output 
>> is
>> not coming properly.
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