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From Thomas Kjeldahl Nilsson>
Subject Returning markup strings from jexl\jxtemplate-called functions?
Date Mon, 16 Aug 2004 11:12:09 GMT

I'm stuck on something here. Hope any of you can shed light on it..

I have a jxtemplate page. In this page I call a function on a java 
object, like so:


someObject.getHTMLText returns a String containing text and markup.
When called from another java object, getHTMLText returns:

  "This is html markup <br>"

However, when I call getHTMLText() from a template, the output ends up 
like this:

  This is html markup &lt;br&gt;

Is there some way of forcing the jxtemplate call to treat the function 
output as xml, not a text string
(ie outputting xml\html markup without "translating" the xml\markup 

Thomas Kjeldahl Nilsson
Oslo, Norway

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