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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: Good practise for international site (URI-designing)
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2004 06:09:15 GMT
Olivier Lange wrote:

> Hi Joose
> I used option 2 for a large site, with a complete user request space 
> available in all langages. If some content is not available in some 
> language, I put an explicit mention about the missing translation on 
> that page, plus a text in some other langage.
> For instance: this page is available in french, german, italian and 
> english, but not rumantsch; so there's a mention:
> All this handled thru Linkrewriter and i18n message catalogs, so there 
> is no link manipulation needed in the XSLT. By the way: the linkmap 
> gets translated in each language also, of course. The message catalogs 
> are generated.

Interesting. But if I set my browser's locale to French, that isn't 
taken into account, is it?

I must look into the link rewriter, maybe it'll be helpful here.

I'm working on an i18n site at the moment, and have created the 
I18nMatcher (soon to become the LocaleMatcher) for just this purpose. I 
also intend to get the Command Line Interface to be able to handle the 
creation of pages in different languages.

Maybe just the homepage could respond to a browser locale, and the rest 
are served as en/page.html, fr/page.html, etc.


Upayavira, who is a complete newbie when it comes to i18n.

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