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From "Eelke Toonstra" <>
Subject Problem with showing pictures from eXist database
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2004 12:24:25 GMT
I have a problem with showing images from the eXist database in Cocoon.
When I want to show an image in my browser, for example
http://localhost:8080/exist/xmldb/db/images/test.jpg it doesn't show a
picture but the small icon indicating there's no picture.XML files from
the database work without any problems.

The sitemap.xmap contains:

<map:match pattern="xmldb/db/images/**.jpg">
	<map:read src="xmldb:exist:///db/images/{1}.jpg" mime-type="text/jpg"/>

<map:match pattern="**.jpg">
	<map:read mime-type="image/pjpeg" src="{1}.jpg"/>

I tried it for gif images as well, but the same problem occurs.

When I don't use the database it works fine e.g.:

<map:match pattern="xmldb/db/images/**.jpg">
	<map:read src="images/test.jpg" mime-type="image/jpg"/>

What could be the problem?

More in general, is it a good idea to keep the pictures with the XML files
in the same database?

Thanks in advance

eXist 1.0
Cocoon 2.0
Java 1.4
Jetty 4.1
Windows XP

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