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From oceatoon <>
Subject Re: Flow : Accessing Repeater Rows value in Flow
Date Tue, 03 Aug 2004 10:56:30 GMT
Hi Bruno 

Sorry for not being to clear, 
Yes, I'm in the Flow 
wid = form.getWidget();
//"houseuploads" is my repeater
//"path" would be the upload widget I want to retreive the content off
wid.houseuploads.getRow(0).getValue();  (return = null)
wid.houseuploads.getRow(0).path.getValue();  (also return = null)
wid.houseuploads.getSize();  (return = null)

It's probably in the way I manipulate the repeater ???
would you do this in the Java??

Bruno Dumon wrote:

> On Mon, 2004-08-02 at 17:21, oceatoon wrote:
>> Hi
>> a similar question was asked but I can't seem to get Joergs
>> technique(getRow before getting the value) to function.
>> my repeater only contains an upload widget (minimum one so Row(0) allways
>> exists, with add and delete). Then in my Flow, I need to retreive the
>> value of the uploaded file from the widget to move it around.
>> wid = handleForm("masterform", "forms/", document);
>> //I'd like to retreive the value
>> wid.houseuploads.getRow(0).getValue();
>>  But this doesn't seem to work???? allways returns "null"
>>>From the wid.houseuploads notation I'd assume you're using the
> javascript-wrapped variant of the widget tree, which has a different
> API.
>> Also, do I have run through the whole repeater or is there a size or
>> length method associated to now how many entries have been submitted?
> For the java API, this can be retrieved with the method getSize() of the
> repeater.
> I think you can find the javascript-equivalents of these in the samples.

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