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From oceatoon <>
Subject Extracting selection list labels ???
Date Sat, 14 Aug 2004 13:18:16 GMT
Hi every one,
I need an opinion or other solution on this, 
I have a JX pipeline executed from a flow  sendPage("pipe",{doc:doc});
where doc is a DOM document. and I fill by xpath(jx) my final page.
My problem is that in my doc, there are fields that came from selection
boxes, and for internationalisation purposes I keep there values as ids in
the doc.
So now when I extract the content of the doc without passing by the binding
system ,I have only the id's. So I need to replace to the ids with their
corresponding labeled value. I have a little idea of how I'll do this, but
it is a bit pulled by the hair ;), and there might be a simple solution
somewhere outhere, which is why I call for your thoughts. 

here's what I thought of doing:
- doc to final_page via jx generator
- in the places I know, selection multiplelist ids will be listed, I insert
a cinclude tag with src="cocoon:/getlabel-id1-id2-....idx"   
-then cinclude transfomer will do his thing 
- followed by the html css or whatever tranformation

Thanks for your thoughts

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