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From Grzegorz TaƱczyk <>
Subject Re[2]: Reduce image size in databasereader?
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2005 10:55:01 GMT
Hello george,

  ImageReader should be improved because two parameters: width and
  height funcionality is limited:
     * The behavior is the following: if both the new width and height values
     * are positive, the image is rescaled according to these new values and
     * the original aspect ration is lost.
     * Otherwise, if one of the two parameters is zero or negative, the
     * aspect ratio is maintained and the positive parameter indicates the
     * scaling.
     * If both new values are zero or negative, no scaling takes place (a unit
     * transformation is applied).
  There should be aditional parameter "keepRatio", because it is
  impossible to guess if uploaded image is wider or higher. For
  example I want to make thumbnails not wider than then 100 and not
  higher than 70. I have to chain to imagereader with second
  imagereader? It will kill performance on site with lots of uploaded
  images :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005, 8:32:59 AM, you wrote:
gg> You can achieve the same result by chaining the already existing
gg> imagereader with the databasereader, thus having the databasereader read
gg> the image and the imagereader scale it.

gg> I use the following (beware that in 2.1.5 this leaks database 
gg> connections, fixed in 2.1.6):
gg> [cut]

Best regards,

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