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From Oleg Konovalov <>
Subject Using Cocoon without XSPs
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2005 21:35:58 GMT

I am Cocoon newbie, trying to reverse-engineer
several Cocoon [2.0.4] apps written in 2002-2003
(original developers long gone, nobody around ever
worked with Cocoon). Deployed on JBoss 3.0.7.

Learning from "Cocoon Developer's Handbook" by Mocsar/Aston,
it looks like all Cocoon apps have to use XSP logicsheets.
However, there is absolutely no XSPs in these apps,
only Project.xmap, XSL, Java, XML, HTML, some SQL files.

Was XSP introduced in Cocoon 2?
How do you develop with Cocoon without XSPs ?

Judging by Java packages, it had Acting, Generation, Selection,
Tasks, Transformation, Data and Util.
And most SQL things are done in XSL/XML files.
There are tons on XSLs (under XSLT). 
 Is that what was used before/instead of XSPs ?

Are there any resources describing Cocoon development
without XSPs ?

Thank you in advance,

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