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From Saulius Grigaliƫnas <>
Subject form encoding and utf-8 problems
Date Sun, 23 Jan 2005 09:12:05 GMT
Hello there cocoon community,

I've got some strange problems with form submiting and utf-8 encoding,
so i'm trying to write something in utf-8 in my form ( try it yourself
- ) and see what has been submited. After
submit I get some strange and really non utf-8 characters, what am I
doing wrong?

Here is the full configuration:

              <map:match pattern="Add/">
                     <map:generate type="file" src="storage/xml/test.xml"/>
                     <map:transform type="xslt-saxon"
src="stylesheets/nauja.xsl" />
                     <map:serialize type="xhtml" />
              <map:match pattern="Add/item">
                     <map:generate type="serverpages"
                     <map:serialize type="xml" />

              <map:serializer name="xhtml" mime-type="text/html;
charset=UTF-8" src="org.apache.cocoon.serialization.XMLSerializer">
                     <doctype-public>-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0
              <map:serializer name="xml"
mime-type="text/xml" logger="sitemap.serializer.xml"  pool-grow="4"
pool-max="32" pool-min="4">

And simple xsp file content:
<xsp-request:get-character-encoding />
<br />
<xsp-request:get-parameter name="body" />

In web.xml I've got..

Cocoon 2.1.6 with Tomcat 5.0.30. So I guess this is it, looking
forward to your answers!


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