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From "Anna, Maha" <>
Subject C2 XSP does not try-catch user's Exceptions
Date Sun, 09 Jan 2005 02:48:34 GMT
Hi All,

I am upgrading some of Cocoon1(C1) XSPs in our Java Web application to work
with Cocoon2 (C2).  My xsps have some <xsp : logic> code which can throw our
custom defined Exception called 'FhcException' which extends from
java.lang.Exception class. The problem I see now in C2 is, my XSPs do not
compile. I see a "Unhandled Exception FhcException' compilation error in my
browser, when I try to access that XSPs. I did some research over the net
and it looks like C2's  XSPGenerator's ( the XSP generated java file)
'generate()' method can only throw SAXException, IOException or

Does this mean, that in C2 , I need to fix all my XSPs to  try-catch all my
FhCException and rethrow as  ProcessException? I have a lots of XSPs to
upgrade to C2. Is there any other patch/fix to handle the users exception in
one single place?

Here are some more details:
Cocoon Version : 2.1.6
Platform : JBoss 4.0 with Tomcat 5.0
OS : Win XP
Thanks a lot for your help!

Maha Annadurai
Canopy Systems
Chapel Hill

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