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From "Alexander Zirl" <>
Subject JSPGenerator Problem: Cannot load JSP Pages (404 Error)
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2005 12:41:32 GMT
Dear all cocoon-users,

I’ve been trying to include some sample JSP-Pages in my cocoon installation, but have failed
to do so. I always get a 404 – page not found error, but everything seems to be correct.
This is my setup:

1. Libraries
    The following libraries are all included in my 
    <webapps>\mywebapp\WEB-INF\lib folder:
      - cocoon-jsp-block.jar (incl. JSPGenerator)
	- jasper-compiler.jar
	- jasper-runtime.jar

2. cocoon.xconf:

  <jsp-engine logger="core.jsp-engine">
    <parameter name="servlet-class" value="org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet"/>

3. sitemap.xmap:

  <map:generators default="file">


  <map:match pattern="*.jsp">
    <map:generate type="jsp" src="jsp/test1.jsp" />
    <map:serialize />

4. Where's the Error?
As soon as I change <map:generate type="jsp" ... /> to type="file" the jsp file is found
-- therefore, it is no a uri problem, as I suspected at first.
What do I do wrong?  Could it be possible that the Cocoon Servlet doesn't have access rights
to the JSP Engine? I have read several hints into that direction on the web... Calling JSPs
outside the scope of Cocoon works fine.

Any Help appreciated...

Best Regards,
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