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From Benedikt Heinen <>
Subject Re: AW: Infantile Download page question...
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2005 07:13:00 GMT
> The frames option would be a nightmare only for the fact that a user could 
> purchase 15 tracks for which I would then need to have 15 frames!!??

As I pointed out myself, it would be ugly as hell, but it might just 
work...   (In terms of looks - would small iframes look better?  Probably 
still ugly, but maybe a slight improvement)

> Do any of you guys know how apple deliver music to customers via their iTunes 
> store? Is it packaged into a zip folder or are the tracks downloaded 
> individually?

Don't know abot iTunes - never used it. But a couple of years ago, emusic 
used their own created download manager - a similar thing is done by On both sites you could either download individual tracks, 
or use their own download managers to automate the tasks.


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