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From "Roberto Marra" <>
Subject SendMail
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2005 09:20:29 GMT
Hi all,
seems that nobody use SendMail action...anyway I got another question about it, maybe somebody
can help me:

The sendmail action take different parameter as "subject", "from", "cc" etc. Of course there
is the body parameter too.
What I would like to do is put in the body parameter some form field that user puted in the
form, should be something like that:

<map:parameter name="body" value="Nome:{request-param:ragSoc} Indirizzo:{request-param:indirizzo}
citta:{request-param:citta} telefono:{request-param:tel}...."/>

Let be that I got 10 field that I want to pass as part of the body in the e-mail. It works
very well the problem is the layout. I would like to have a new line for every field. Do you
know what I mean? Insted of having the layout like that

Nome:Roberto Indirizzo:blablabla citta:Lugano telefono:849384943

I would like to have


Any suggestion?


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