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From "Roberto Marra" <>
Subject SendMai lAction
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2005 10:04:08 GMT
Hi all,
Im using the SendMail action, everything works properly what I would like to do is to add
to the body of the e-mail or in one attachment some info that are generated dinamically. I
mean, I got a form where the user put the data to get registered in the website, I want that
that information are the body (or the attachment) of the messagge that I get. I copy a snippet
of the code of the sitemap:

<map:match pattern="mail">
<map:act type="sendmail">
<map:parameter name="smtp-host" value=""/>
<map:parameter name="smtp-user" value=""/>
<map:parameter name="smtp-password" value="blabla"/>
<map:parameter name="from" value=""/>
<map:parameter name="to" value=""/>
<map:parameter name="subject" value="Nuovo utente registrato"/>
<!--<map:parameter name="src" value="context://mf/mail/message.xml"/>-->
<!--<map:parameter name="body" value="Un nuovo utente si รจ registrato!!"/>-->
<map:parameter name="attachments" value="uploaded_file1 context://mf/mail/message.xml"/>
<map:generate src="mail/{status}.xml"/>
<map:transform src="context://mf/xsl/mail/{status}.xsl"/>
<map:serialize type="html"/>

What happen is that I got the message as xml file, of course I would like to use an xslt to
transform that file but I cannot.
Any suggestion?


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