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From "Arsen A. Gutsal" <>
Subject complex CForm
Date Fri, 08 Apr 2005 11:12:15 GMT
I've XML DB like:
<customer type="Residential">





I would like to display list of customers in form:
Position, Customer_type,  [edit] and [delete] buttons
1, Residential [edit] [delete]
2, Residentail  [edit] [delete]
3, Business  [edit] [delete]
4, Residential  [edit] [delete]
100, Business  [edit] [delete]
having 100 items on page.
once user click on Edit - form re-submits and display whole records for
edited row.
e.g. edited 3rd record:
1, Residential [edit] [delete]
2, Residentail  [edit] [delete]
3, Business  [save] [delete]
<input Registration_type>
<input Firstname>
<input Surname>
<input Email>
<input Phone>
<select Country>
<input Address>
<input Zip>
4, Residential  [edit] [delete]
100, Business  [edit] [delete]

Also, for edited record [edit] button changes to [save].

I did everything using union/struct and JX conditions...
But I guess that's not good as I have to keep all details fields for
each record as <input type="hidden" for all rows which are not in edit
state. and if row is in edit state - I display these fields. 
Such page is very heavy.
I would better ask for some way to DYNAMICALLY bind part of my form when
Or use another form inside main one.
I would prefer it do not open in another page, just exactly as I

What can you suggest me? 
Arsen A. Gutsal <>

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