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From "Richard Feldmann" <>
Subject Cocoon/Lenya Tutorial Barfs!
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2005 16:35:28 GMT
Greetings all,

I am seeing the following problems with using Cocoon and Lenya. I tried
digging in the FAQ and archives but just couldn't find anything
specifically related to the problem I have. Perhaps I just didn't dig deep
enough. :)

I'm following the Lenya tutorial, and after giving the new document I want
to create the id of 'foo' and name 'Foo,' I hit create. It then produces
the following error:

(No such file or directory)

(No such file or directory)"""

I can see that the file
actually does exist, but just that it is zero bytes in size. I am assuming
that Lenya/Cocoon simply copies a default file over from another location
for the tutorial, but I am unsure if this is my fault or something in
Lenya/Cocoon. The build of both Cocoon and Lenya didn't produce any
obvious errors.

More info:

Lenya 1.2.2
Cocoon 2.1.7 (I couldn't get 2.1.6 to build, looked like java version
Java 1.5.0
Apache 2.0.53 (with a bunch of modules, lemme know if more info is needed)
My umask is 022.
Slackware 10

I am really excited about learning more of Cocoon and Lenya, but this has
me stumped. I looked at the targets.xml file mentioned in the error
message, line 138, but I didn't see any glaring errors in the xml. But
then, I don't really know what's supposed to be there.

Anyone have any ideas? It also seems that I can't create users, either. I
keep getting the same "no such file or directory" errors.


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